It’s never a difficult task to tell whether your air conditioning system needs to have some repairs done. In cases where you have inexperienced homeowners, you will realize that they can tell whether their air conditioners are not working or all that gut feeling is something in their heads. Air conditioning repair can be very affordable if discovered early enough. There may not be as many indicators to alert you if there is a fault in your AC system that needs to be checked out, but still, you need to be on the lookout for these issues and handle them before they become significant problems.

A professional diagnostic air conditioning repair should include the following procedures;

  • A full systems performance check
  • A leak test
  • A visual inspection of the AC components
  • A dye detection test
  • A system control test and state of charge

Below are six signs that will indicate that your AC needs repairs

  1. No cool air

So, you have been using your AC for some time now, and the old machine just can’t quite cut it when it comes to supplying your home with cool air. You may even try and set the conditioning system to the highest level and still not get the same results as you used to when the conditioning system was still new. Sometimes, the air coming out of the AC vents isn’t cold at all, and you begin to wonder what might be wrong with the picture. Well, this can be due to some reasons like your AC system’s compressor failing to function normally. It could also be as a result of your AC’s Freon levels being too low. When these problems begin to occur, you may want to start budgeting for that new AC from the store.

  1. Poor air flow

Your AC may be pumping little or no air through its vents. This can also be caused by failing a failing AC compressor. You may sometimes also notice that some rooms in your home are getting cooler AC air while others are not. This can be as a result of blocked AC air vents which means you need to have a professional come and check it out before the problem turns into something worse.

You need to be aware of the fact that debris can always find its way to your vents, and if you don’t regularly maintain and service these vents, then it is highly likely that they will be blocked sooner or later.

  1. Thermostat problems

Maybe the problem lies in the thermostat. You notice that one part of the house is very cold while the other is not. This could very well be a thermostat issue.

  1. Moisture

Those times when you notice a leaking or moisture near your AC system when there shouldn’t be any is also an indication that you might have a faulty thermostat. You need to be careful with this as it may end up causing some uncalled for health risks.

  1. Strange sounds

The moment you start hearing strange sounds coming from your AC; grating, squealing, or grinding sounds will alert you that something is amiss in your AC system. If you don’t address this problem soon, you may end up with a totaled AC system.

  1. Strange odors

You notice pungent and foul smells coming from inside your air conditioning system. This can mean a lot of things like the wired in your AC system burning out or maybe there is mold in your unit. Make an attempt and address this issue before it becomes a problem