Money management has always been a problem for most people, and will probably continue to be. It’s just that there are some people who work towards curbing and trying to manage the issue before it gets out of hand. While there are others who are just into bad spending habits.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re the saving type or know how to handle money. At one point, you always end up being faced with unexpected expenses like emergencies all of which can interfere with your spending. Lendgreen happen to be one of the reliable solutions when someone is in need of cash. But there are ways with which you can seize control of how you spend your loan. You just need to be disciplined and follow these four simple tips.

1. Make a simple budget

You may not necessarily need it being that some people are just naturally cultivated into saving habits. But still, it would be wise to have a control medium about when and how you should spend. You may not always be entirely sure about what income you are making or what things you are spending on and the total amount if you don’t put them to book. And it’s stuff like that, fear of the unknown, that can ultimately lead to stress. Think of a budget as a kind of mission statement. Something that you would like to stick to and achieve.

2. Use more cash

The onset of credit cards has made it much easier for people to carry their money with them everywhere they go. It’s also a safe and more secure way of walking with your cash. Readily available to use whenever you need it. You just swipe. But that has also made it easier for people to spend more cash on things.

If you are the type who can’t seem to manage funds properly, then you can stick to the old way of spending. Which is using cash. This way, you will have more understanding of what you are spending on and how much you are spending on it. Maybe even set aside weekly spending amounts for what you need.

3. Make your credit card more cash-y

You can also use money managing apps like Mint or Level Money budgeting apps which can alert you whenever your spending is going overboard. You will also find that some credit card companies have also made their own more secure mobile application apps. These make spending a little less frictionless than before. And you don’t have to be in the dark about your income and expenditure lines. You can check them at your convenience and know where you are going overboard with your spending.

4. Get a Post-It note

You can also use a more traditional method called the Post-It note method. Here, you jot down the total spending for everything you intend to do or use upfront. You become more aware of your overall spending as you will always strive not to exceed the overall amount on the amount jotted down. This is a low-tech idea that might just help you save a fortune.