Top 5 Examples of Stretch Films

Top 5 Examples of Stretch Films

There are many examples of stretch films, and each has distinct qualities that are suitable for its packaging operation. Each stretch film is made such that it addresses specific needs such as budget, performance requirements and load size. The following are significant examples of stretch films and their respective benefits.


• Cast stretch wrap
The manufacturing process occurs through a process of cast extrusion. It is a puncture resistant film thus assist in maintaining load unionization in several environments as well as excellent optics. It also has a consistent film thickness, quiet unwind when applying to loads and consistent cling. Reading and scanning are elementary because it is apparent. The cost of manufacturing cast stretch wrap is low as compared to other films. It is suitable for many applications because of its consistent thickness.


• Blown stretch wrap
Creation of blown stretch wrap is quite easy. You feed the beads of resin into a heated machine which has a circular die. The resin which has been heated is forced through a circular die and then blown out into a bubble. The bubbles are transformed into rolls and are later cooled using surrounding air. It has high holding power and it will not re-stretch even after applying to the pallet. It has the highest ability to shrink back to original size even after thorough stretching. It can stretch farther to cover many pallets using less film. It is suitable for heavier loads because it does not require high load retention.


• Pre-stretched films
These types of films are pre-stretched during the process of creation and after that rolled into cores for sale. It is easier and safer for the operator to use with less effort in wrapping pallet loads. There are recyclable, stable, consistent and strong. It has reduced neck down which assist in eliminating trips and revolutions around the load. The rolls are very light thus decreasing fatigue during wrapping. Pre-stretching also reduces waste and reduced shipping cost because the same length of pre-stretched film weighs less.

UV Light

• UVI stretch plastics
This max film uses an addictive known as Ultra Violet Inhibitor. It assists in extending the useful life of the film which is caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. It helps only in resisting the UV damage of the max film but does not protect the product. It is ideal for those products you store in outdoor such as concrete pavers and bagged products.


• VCI speciality
These films are manufactured using a Volatile Corrosive Inhibitor which is activated during application. This addictive assists in preventing rust primarily on steel and iron products. The load must be wholly wrapped on both sides. It is suitable for packaging metal stocks and steel coils.

Malpack Corp. supplies various stretch film’s which are made to address specific needs such as budget, performance requirements and load size.