4 simple tips for successful corporate gift box policies

4 simple tips for successful corporate gift box policies

When you are looking for the secret to how to handle personalized corporate gifts there are a couple of things you should always keep in mind. Keeping these tips in the forefront will make sure that when you give these gifts, the people that get them will know you put some real thought into how they were handled. This will lead to successful relationships between your business and the clients or partners you are targeting.

1. Clear gifts with Human Resources

While most companies understand the need to give things like corporate gift boxes, there might also be rules on just how much can be spent. Depending on the sector of business you are operating in, there might even be state or federal rules out there that govern just what you can gift to people and how. Any good Human Resources company worth its salt is going to be brushing up on these kinds of rules and will be able to tell you whether your idea is acceptable.

2. Mind the packaging

While the corporate gift boxes are meant to tell the people and companies about you, the packaging you use can also tell a tale. Finding the right packaging can either enhance, or reduce the perceived value of any gift you choose to give. If you are butting up against value limits, the best way to help show you care about what you are giving and who you are giving it to can be helped with the right kind of packaging. Don’t just throw the gift into a plastic bag you got at the local grocery store and expect the message you intended to be sent, no matter how nice the gift inside.

3. Quality over Quantity

No one wants to be buried under a mountain of cheap baubles. Instead of giving a ton of cheap little corporate gift boxes, give one, or very few more expensive gifts. This will send a better message to the person you are giving the gifts to and will also send a message to anyone who finds out what you are giving. There is a kind of class that is sent out with these personalized corporate gifts and that message can lure in more partners/clients. You may want to consult with Ekan Concepts for more information.

4. Branded gifts are for trade shows

This is tied to tip number three. The knee-jerk reaction when it comes to giving gifts is that they should be branded. The actual rule is more about making sure that whoever you give gifts to feels as though they are valued. Giving them a coffee mug, with the company logo is going to look as though you are just trying to get your name out there. That is what trade shows are for. The right gift will make people remember your company name anyway.