How to Estimate Your Need for Party Rentals

How to Estimate Your Need for Party Rentals

The equipment and supplies available through party rental agencies varies drastically, but most people will find that party rentals easily meet all of their needs when hosting special events. You may be planning corporate events, such as holiday office parties, or you may be planning a wedding reception, an anniversary party or a birthday celebration. Regardless of the type of event you are planning, you can easily pull off a successful event with the right party rentals. However, estimating your equipment rental needs can be challenging in many cases. These tips can help you to better plan for your upcoming special events.

The Number of Guests
One of the most important factors that will influence the equipment and supplies you need to rent is the number of guests who will attend the event. This will affect your need for tables and chairs, other types of seating, the number of plates, forks, knives and more. Research the items that are provided by your caterer and your venue as a first step. Any items that are not provided through these resources will need to be rented through a party rentals Toronto agency.

The Location of the Venue
The location of your venue will also impact the type and number of supplies and equipment needed. For example, some venues have a stage as well as a built-in dance floor, but you may need to rent these items if your venue does not provide them. In addition, if you have an outdoor venue, you may also need to rent a party tent, outdoor lighting and fans or space heaters, depending on the season. These items will help your guests to feel more comfortable regardless of the weather conditions on the day of the event.

The Type of Event
The type of event you are hosting is also a critical factor to think about for your party rental needs. For example, a corporate event may require you to rent a stage, a podium and a complete sound system. A stage and sound system may be required for a birthday party or wedding reception, but your DJ or live band may provide this equipment in some cases. Dance floor lighting, stage lighting and more may also be needed for some types of events.

Hosting special events can seem complicated, but you can dramatically reduce your stress level when you work with the right party rental agency. The best company to work with will provide you with personalized planning advice that ensures that all factors are considered before you sign a party rental agreement. However, by focusing on these points, you can more easily make a great decision about party rentals.