Understanding Mascots and How They Can Boost Your Business

Understanding Mascots and How They Can Boost Your Business

Canadians love mascots. You can tell by the high number of mascots you will come across at any major social event. They are everywhere; at school, at our places of business, during festivals, and even in our homes. Every college has a mascot, and some of them make utterly no sense — no offence if your favorite college mascot is one of them. But no worries, custom mascots can be hard to design especially if your college football team is not likened to a bear, a lion, or a wolf. But college isn’t the only place you are going to find mascots in Canada. Businesses all over the country have adopted the use of mascots to increase the visibility of their brands.

What Do Mascots Mean To A Business?

A mascot or a spokescreature is a creation designed to make people associate the company with it and remember the company’s products or services when they see or think of it. Mascots help give your firm an identity. They are based on objects, animals or popular people and are hard to forget. Mascots actually have an advantage over associating your company with a celebrity, a sports icon, or any other famous individuals.

Your company mascot will never abandon you, die, age, or have a scandal that taints the reputation of your brand. A mascot will never ask for a raise. In contrast, if you do a good job with your custom mascot design you can actually make money off it selling toys and collectibles.

How to Make a Mascot Work for Your Business

Mascot customes — especially business mascots — are not easy to design and not all of them get the job done. Some fail, for some reason. As a businessperson, one thing you have to remember when designing a mascot for your company is that the goal is to help people remember your brand.

Therefore, focus on helping people remember the most important facets of your business i.e. the name of your company, the name of your product, the target market, the benefits of using this particular product, and the relationship between the product and its consumers.

To increase the success of your brand, intertwine jingles, slogans, logos, and names with your mascot design. Strive to make the mascot recognizable and as visually interesting as possible. This way, the mascot will remain in the memories of your target audience for a very long time. To learn more, Hogtown Mascots Inc. has additional resources available for reference.